Friday, September 20, 2013

Look, Ma--No Kitchen Fire!

My culinary domesticity typically begins and ends with the delightful recipes that I reblog to my Pinterest boards and subsequently never revisit again. However, this morning had me feeling inspired to cook something cozy and Fall-appropriate.

Back home in PA, my mother is presently baking a Jewish apple cake for a semi-annual Oktoberfest party that I will be super disappointed to miss tomorrow. Needless to say, I am obscenely jealous. This fact, coupled with the cooler temperatures and cloudy skies we’re experiencing in LA this morning, compelled me to make a real, honest-to-goodness hot meal for breakfast, including salsa-scrambled eggs and apple cinnamon bread.

(The fact that I’m proud of this accomplishment should tell you a little more about my cooking skills.)

The bread came from a cute bag and mix kit called “CozyTote” that my mom gave me a while back, and it actually turned out pretty delicious! The only additional ingredients required were eggs, oil, and water. My kind of recipe, indeed.

{"Look, Ma--no kitchen fire! Woohoo!"}

It ended up a bit drier than I prefer—I’m also still figuring out the quirks with my new apartment’s oven, which is a bit wonky—but still totally edible. Achievement! I added some (plain) cream cheese to it during my taste test, which turned out to be a solid choice. Then again, I’d eat cream cheese on just about anything, so take my recommendation with a grain of salt. ;-)


Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

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