Sunday, April 14, 2013

Moments of Being

I confess that Virginia Woolf is a writer whose work I struggle to actually read. She is, however, a writer I respect; and the concept of "moments of being" (highly academic source link!) is something that has resonated with me for several years.

Lately, I've found it easy to become swept up in all of the business and the tasks that seem to stretch out in front of me like an assembly line cranked up to full speed. I'm making conscious efforts to stop and breathe, to assess where I am in the moment and to take in the little details and moments of happiness that I might easily overlook in my haste to deal with all the tasks and obstacles that need surmounting. Luckily, many of the biggest stressors that have occupied the majority of my time and attention over the past weeks have successfully passed. The musical production I've been assisting with is over, I've sorted out the bulk of the work left by the two teachers -- both of whom left abruptly and with some degree of chaos -- I've been covering at work (and yes, this includes actual work-to-be-graded, but also missing work, "unfairly graded" work, and the work of placating understandably angry and confused parents and students about the sudden lineup changes in the classroom), I've wrapped up one marking period and transitioned into the next, and Jeff has received a definite job offer from the company where he really wants to work. This final note creates, of course, a new source of anxiety; but now that the offer is definitely on the table we have more concrete options to discuss, rather than just "what-if"s. Throughout this time, I'm trying to focus myself on striking a balance between dealing with the work that needs to be done in my professional and personal lives while taking time to be mindful of and to enjoy the fun and peaceful moments that intersperse my hectic schedule. Here are some "moments of being" that have given me happiness and peace in the past week or so.

{So excited for my first Pit performance in about six years.}

{My sweet labby Woody makes friends with Molly the Coton de Tulear puppy.}

{Strawberry-mango smoothie and pumpkin bread -- perfect recipe for a happy morning!}

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